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Black Diamond, in partnership with the Midlothian Digital Learning Team, is running a competition to encourage potential young broadcasters to become involved in radio broadcasting and specifically, to encourage youngsters to engage with community radio.

The competition is open to all stages in Midlothian secondary schools and a maximum of three teams per school are permitted.

The podcast must be 19 minutes long. This will allow us to broadcast 3 entries per hour and also include our news and adverts. Music tracks should not be used. This does not include any live performances recorded by the podcasters either in school or in its catchment area. Students can involve youngsters from local Primary Schools if they wish.

Podcasts can include a wide variety of content but normal acceptable broadcasting standards must be adhered to!

The podcasts will be broadcast during the Easter/Summer holidays at a time to be confirmed later and the winners will be decided by listeners’ online voting.

The winning team will receive a gift voucher to the value of £50 and a trophy to be competed for on an annual basisMidlothian Digital Learning Team.

Support is available. A member of the Midlothian Digital Learning Team can provide a maximum of a day in school and bring along an easy-to-use professional recording unit. Students will be given a demonstration of the unit then be encouraged to use it independently. The content of the podcast would have to be ready to record before that day. Pre-recorded interviews and music can also be added then.

For further details and to apply to take part please email…