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Roslin Primary's Oor Wullie competition winners

Roslin Primary School pupils have been successful in the “Oor Wullie Bucket Trail” Challenge, raising nearly £400 for charities.

The competition is held in association with DC Thomson Media to raise funds for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, ARCHIE Foundation and Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and is designed to be an opportunity to get children enthusiastic about arts and crafts, as well as engaging them in important topics of conversation like Scot’s language and Health & Wellbeing.

Each pupil designed their own Oor Wullie on paper. The overall winner’s design will be recreated as a mini sculpture which will be part of the Edinburgh City Trail.

Ava was Roslin’s winner with her “Oor Learning” – Growth Mindset design:

“Oor Learning” Growth Mindset design of Oor Wullie by Ava (P7)
Over the past four years, we have been working very hard at Roslin Primary to improve our learning and teaching practice. We have worked as a school community in order for both teachers and pupils to become better learners, which we know has a huge impact on positive mental and physical health. One of the most significant and powerful pieces of work we have embraced has been that of the growth mindset – the belief that brains and talent are only a starting point and that hard work and dedication can develop our basic abilities. This Oor Wullie design shows the brain as a starting point for growth. The branches of ideas, learning and ‘lightbulb moments’ that extend from it demonstrate this learner’s understanding of what we have nurtured and encouraged at Roslin. We want all of our learners to believe that through their own hard work, anything is possible!


Scottish Citylink Bus Company also invited us to take part in their partnership nationwide competition and the winning design will be recreated in a mini sculpture to be placed in Edinburgh Bus Station AND the design will take pride of place on the side of one of their coaches! Eva won this fantastic completion with her “Oor World” – Flag design

“Oor World” flag design of Oor Wullie by Eva (P7)
This design encapsulates all the work we do on Equality and Diversity at Roslin Primary. It is so important that we all treat each other respectfully and we learn about all the different cultures and countries. We have children from all over the world at Roslin and Inclusion is at the centre. Oor Wullie loves travelling to all these different exciting places … especially on a City Link bus!

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