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On the evening of Tuesday 19th June, P7 learners at Newtongrange Primary School performed their end of year show, ‘School Daze’ in Newtongrange Church Hall.
The year is 2075. Billy and Becky, two eleven year-old P7s, are staying with their grandparents. Their grandparents are keen to gain an insight into their experiences of primary school – or ‘System A’ as it is now known! Billy and Becky are also eager to learn of their grandparents’ antics as they approached their high school days, back in 2018!
The children performed their scenes and songs to a very high standard and the audience were in hysterics the whole way through the show! The children worked so hard to rehearse on the the lead up to their show and our Tech Team worked tirelessly to get our set, costume, sound, props and lighting ready for the big night! Well done P7! Your teachers, parents and carers are feeling very proud!


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