Midlothian Schools’ Email Services

EmailThere are several email services available to pupils and staff….

Community    http://mail.community.mgfl.net
This is a mail service for community groups, parent councils and also some curricular groups within schools. It is available in school and also in the community.

Corporate Staff   https://mail.midlothian.gov.uk
Staff that work with schools but are based centrally within Midlothian are on the corporate mail system. It is available in school and also in the community.

School Staff   https://mail.mgfl.net
Staff working in schools have access to the Schools’ Mail Service. It is available in school, across the internet but not on the Midlothian corporate network.

Student Mail   https://webmail.glowscotland.org.uk
All pupils in Midlothian from P1 have an email address and access to the GlowMail system. All pupils need to log into Glow before accessing GlowMail.

Please note that the above systems are considered secure and any attempts to gain access illegally to these mail systems will be referred to the appropriate authorities.